Sunday, September 7, 2008

Really good pet ID tags make SUCH a difference!

Aren't these ID tags amazing? Wow...what a difference from the others I've bought over the years. I ordered these tags from Boomerang Tags and they came in just a few days. I think that this collar tag style is particularly nice: it doesn't hang in the food/water dish, and doesn't irritate our dogs' chests. Also, I can combine all information (contact info, rabies tag #, and microchip ID) onto two noiseless tags. It's also one less thing to possibly get caught on a fence or in another dog's paw or mouth. Along those lines...if your dog wears a collar when he/she isn't supervised, please consider a safety collar like Premier's KeepSafe breakaway collar. These are a MUST for our two dogs, who play very hard at times. The Keepsafe collars are available at many pet stores and even Read more about the history of this collar and its numerous benefits!

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